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Administrator - What you need to know

This article outlines everything you need to manage and maintain, helping you understand your key responsibilities and registration requirements.

Who can be an Administrator? 

The Administrator role is often assigned to the following positions in a healthcare institution:

  • Managing Director
  • Clinic Owner
  • Insurance Responsible
  • Clinic and Insurance Coordinator

Role and Responsibilities 

As an administrator, you are responsible for:

  • Managing insurance agreements and visibility for the clinic and practitioners.
  • Updating Behandlernettverk with accurate and relevant information.
  • Acting as the contact person towards partners.

Are you a practicing clinician with administrative responsibilities? 

If you are a practicing clinician with administrative responsibilities, start by creating a practitioner profile. Link your own practitioner profile to the clinic when you create it.

If you are self-employed and will  invoice from your own company? Read here

Registration Process 

Step 1: Add Company 

Start by registering the legal company (AS or ENK) as the overarching entity.

Step 2: Register Clinic(s)/Digital Service 

Add clinics or digital services. These will serve as visible contact points for patients and partners seeking to book services.

Step 3: Activate Online Booking 

Connect your booking system with the Practitioner Network to enable online booking. This allows partners and patients to book appointments directly. 

Step 4: Add Practitioners

Invite practitioners: Send invitations to practitioners to join the clinic/workplace. Once they accept, you will receive confirmation via email and you can add them and manage booking status. 

Step 5: Seek Partnership with Insurance 

With clinic info, online booking, and practitioners in place, return to the company overview and seek partnerships with partners.


As an administrator, you play a crucial role in maintaining information and proper visibility for the clinic and practitioners. By following these steps, you ensure efficient and structured management of the clinic's daily operations and cooperative relationships.

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